Why Pfortner?

Over the holidays some of my team members and I discussed what motivates us. We also reflected on what our initial motive was for joining Pfortner. The ensuing conversation ended in us documenting what we want to “offer” our team members when they have joined. Here are some of our thoughts …

  1. Be part of something great and have an adventure doing it. We’re in an interesting industry (Cybersecurity) and in exiting times and being part of a small business means you can get your hands dirty with some “fascinating” stuff.
  2. Share in the rewards of the business both commercially but also with lifestyle benefits. We want our team members to make more money and also have more and better time with their loved ones.
  3. Improve individually on multiple levels and grow to a better version of you.We believe in constant learning and regular introspection which results in obvious development. 
  4. Make life better for your family through the appropriate use of time and finances.
  5. Do something that improves the world for other people. For us it’s technology and that’s a driving passion for our whole team.

As a company we’re young, learning and still charting our course in the confidence that “success” is our destination. It is our hope that we can define success in such a way that all stakeholders in our business agree that when we win – we all win.