“Crap, maybe I shouldn’t have allowed that corporate data on WhatsApp!”

If this is what you are thinking after the recent announcements of security concerns in the WhatsApp platform, you are not alone. Many of the companies that we meet use WhatsApp for internal team communication. And after this security announcement, Information Security and Risk Officers must have some concerns.

It’s understandable how we got here though. WhatsApp has become so pervasive that everyone uses it. Over a billion people in fact.

This pervasiveness combined with familiarity makes it the easiest platform for corporate communications as you don’t need to train the rest of your team. They already use WhatsApp.

But herein lies the risk – its everywhere and definitely not under your control. Here is what we would suggest:

  1. Educate your TEAM about information security and privacy
  2. Keep corporate private and customer data off social networks
  3. Develop a communications medium for employees to migrate to
  4. Start at the TOP, if executives take the lead the rest will follow

Just as BYOD slipped into the corporate security paradigm (almost unnoticed) it seems that Instant Messaging has too. It’s part of business process now and rather than “open heart surgery” we suggest a less invasive / intrusive way to mitigate its inherent risks.