Even good employees will (eventually) move on

I must have seen this picture / article a million times indicating why good employees leave. These are entertaining and share many truths but rarely consider that good people often want change or to do their own thing …

We recently lost a great team member; Stephan Swart. He was a coach, mobile application developer, & product owner at Pfortner. He’s also a friend. Stephan left Pfortner to start his own business. We all know he’ll make a huge success of it; he’s just that guy. You can connect and follow him here: https://za.linkedin.com/in/stephanswart

So sometimes the boss is a bummhole and deserves everyone abandoning the ship, waving him goodbye as he sinks beneath the waves of his self-centered existence and “always right attitude” to business. But sometimes good people move on … and that is their right.

We had to come to terms with this and here’s a few thoughts I humbly share for anyone interested:

  1. DON’T GET EMOTIONAL. It’s not personal and it’s not worth getting all worked up. Just treat the person with the dignity and respect they deserve not burning the bridge.
  1. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS. The show must go on, so say your goodbyes and get to work finding a replacement if you don’t have one waiting in the wings.
  1. BE TRANSPARENT. Share the news with your team because no one likes these kind of rumours floating around or empty seat surprises.
  1. EXPECT A SURPRISE. A wholesome team steps up in challenging times and you might find a hidden gem putting their hand up and filling the gap.

So although those adages ring true – we hope to see more people from Pfortner (eventually) go on to greater heights or staring their own business. Keep in mind we reserve the first right to investment though …