My journey thus far

It’s very common for a company to display in their reception areas, their mission or motto. Normally these displays are bright, bold statements of intent that tell any visitor exactly what the company is all about.

At Pfortner, they follow a similar pattern, but theirs is a little different. It speaks of family and making the world a better place, and to emphasise that point, between those words on the wall, are the photos of each staff-member’s family, and it formed in me a very strong impression that things were done a little different here at Pfortner, and that would extend into the interview process and my first month on the job.

The interview process is focused on finding the right match technically but also someone that can slot into a team of very focused and highly skilled professionals, who understands that the Pfortner way goes further than just a 9 – 5 commitment, you become part of a family that works together, fights together and wins together.

The thing that has stood out for me the most operationally has to be the continuous feedback cycle that is followed. Employees are encouraged to voice concerns and offer new ideas, and there is a constant two-way flow of information such as on a weekly basis of asking key questions of what worked, what didn’t work and how do we do it better the next time.

I have enjoyed my time with Pfortner immensely thus far, and I look forward to working, contributing and growing at this great company.