Trying too hard?

A personal reflection on work life balance.


During a recent session with my mentors / friends one asked me if “I was trying to hard? “

Really… There’s such a thing?


After allot of research and thinking about this, I guess there is. But, whether I am guilty without reasonable doubt, I don’t quite know.

See, everywhere I look there are bold and bright quotes about hard work, dedication, sacrifice and not allot saying: hey, take it easy – you’ve got this. Seems that success and balance (in all facets of live) is really very hard to achieve.


At Pfortner, we’ve started talking about the 5 Fs

Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness and Finances


We’re setting some goals and rating the “health” of each and constructively talking about this in an open honest way. Personally, I do better in some of these than others and thinking about this has opened my eyes to where I might be “trying too hard” and where I am on sabbatical.

Seems from the discussions that trying too hard can be redefined as focussing too much on one at cost to the others.


So here’s the suggestion: take some time, have some wine and rate yourself on each. If you’re keen let me know what you found.

Maybe you too have been trying too hard?