Why sell through the channel?


Over the past few weeks a few customers have asked us: “why does Pfortner sell through a channel?”

As I share this brief explanation of why, please keep in mind that Pfortner is primarily a R&D company based in Centurion, South Africa.

  1. Scale. Our partners have the footprint to deploy across multiple countries and time zones at the same time.
  2. Capacity. They have operations support infrastructure including service desks, ticketing systems, service reporting and numerous account managers.
  3. Skills. With hundreds of technicians and technical subject matter experts they have the necessary technical acumen to implement and support our systems.
  4. Knowledge. Some of our partners have been of service to their customers for many years, giving them a clear understanding of the critical business drivers.
  5. Reputation. Trusting any 3rd party with a critical business system or process requires in depth vetting of their capability. We are proud of our channel partners and their stellar record in the delivery of ICT services.

If you would like us to introduce you to one of our partners please drop us a line, or if you know of someone who takes pride in their work and think they’d make a good partner for Pfortner – we’d love to hear from you …