MARA SOCIAL MEDIA goes messaging!

Mara Social Media acquires global instant messaging and communications platform Nimbuzz.


Mara Social Media, an African multi-channel platform of online and mobile tech innovations that are designed to connect people across emerging markets, has announced that it has acquired global platform Nimbuzz Assets.

Nimbuzz, initially released in May 2008 is a powerful cross-platform mobile calling and messaging app. The app can be installed on computers, mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets.

Anubhav Nagar, CEO of Mara Social Media said “We see a strong momentum for consumer messaging apps, which are set to overtake social media apps globally. According to reports and current trends it is clear that social media apps are likely be eclipsed by messaging apps in the next two years.


Here are a couple of thoughts I have:

  1. What a great rapid expansion plan into the Middle East and Indian market!
  2. I would expect Mara Social Media to start integrating into the current ecosystem (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) quite soon…
  3. In line with the group purpose, this could have HUGE SOCIAL IMPACT.
  4. I think this is a trend we’re going to see in the rest of the banking and financial industry and they try and find better, safer and more efficient ways to communicate with customers.
  5. I wonder if they have a strategy to differentiate social media from internal communications. You wouldn’t want internal messaging accidentally appearing on public messaging platforms.
  6. Could we see more AI and chat bot interfaces becoming part of the future strategy to give customers a personal experience that’s relevant but still quicker than waiting for a call centre agent?