Role of the Chief Customer Officer

Role of the Chief Customer Officer


As the first CCO in the history of Pfortner, I am charting a bold new and exciting course…both in my career and in the way Pfortner operates; I aim to drive more client focused centricity that leads to innovative business solutions which ultimately unlocks measurable value for our clients.


So recently I was asked: How do you do this?


My response is that I devote my time 50/50 between our Clients and the Pfortner Team, ensuring alignment between meeting the client requirements and delivering the right solution (experience).


However, my focus remains 100% on value generation for our clients.


This methodology serves in the best interest of both parties as I “wear the client hat” whenever we as a team make decisions, whilst together with our clients I can analyse the impact of solutions (experience) to ensure that we’re meeting expectations and striving to surpass expectations.


The key for me is a philosophy around two objectives I harbour:


Firstly – Clients are the most valuable business asset.

Innumerable books, studies and articles have been written about client centricity and the value of the client. One need not labour that fact at all … However, in a gigabit economy, it is easier than ever to engage, understand and deliver technology solutions to one’s clients and it is this ease of doing business which makes current times extremely competitive, and exponentially increases the value of a “good client”.


…and Secondly – The creation of a distinctive yet exceptional client experience.

Once an organisation has had the epiphany that the client is king, alignment is required throughout the company, ensuring a consistent and uniquely exceptional experience be it in the form of a product or service.


It is my firm belief that a combination of these two principles will drive companies towards differentiated value generating activities and ultimately greater success. My role can therefore be summed up as “building Pfortner up to a Company that continuously strives to ensure Client satisfaction…”