Innovation… with a hint of partner and an extra serving of customer.

Everyone is talking about innovation and disruption and looking for the next big thing that’s gonna solve everyone’s problems.

Nowadays, this must be catchy, have a simple yet sustainable business model and unique competitive advantage ….                Really?

We recently shared this article ( ) by Greg Satell on The 4 Types of Innovation and the Problems They Solve.

It’s super insightful and a great read.

At Pfortner we’ve complicated stuff further by adding partners to the mix.

Yes, in one session we have clientele, channel partners and the OEM talking about “new and improved” solving a problem and making things better – out of the box.

We did this so that we can be successful with everyone in the value chain. In the past we did numerous tests and iterations of tech. But now we just ask them straight: WHAT DO YOU WANT?

It gets hairy at times, but with the right people in the room the outcome adds value and thus far it’s worked for us.

Talking about sustainable or scaleable, well it’s still early days.

However, recent tests have shown a significant improvement in turnaround time as well as increased customer satisfaction. I will keep this blog running and update everyone in a couple of months.

It might just work.