The Zombie IoT army is coming …

One of my favourite zombie movies is “I am Legend” starring Will Smith and that amazing dog Sam. It was brilliantly written with “bad guys” unlike we’ve ever seen before. A smartness and intelligence I was not expecting from a zombie looking to just eat.

Looking at the real zombie army of the future, it’s definitely smarter than what we were expecting…


In recent times we have seen Internet of Things (IoT) devices deployed in DDOS attacks with clinical precision and catastrophic outcomes. And botnet activity suggests that all this is merely a prelude to the “big one” which could disrupt the internet on a global scale.


Here are a couple of interesting ones to consider:

Besides the obvious risk these raise, I’m concerned that the growth of the IoT industry is increasing this attack vector exponentially. The simplistic security employed on most devices, together with the low detection rate, we could be sitting on a ticking IoT time bomb and one has to consider that this has become a potential gold mine of opportunities for parties with nefarious intentions.


IoT is here to stay, but as an industry we should do all we can to make sure that this great resource does not become the zombie army that changes the way the internet works.