New Year, new partner and a whole new market segment

Its 2018 and cybersecurity is on the forefront of everyone’s mind.


Pfortner have recently started entering some new markets where our current offering of STEALTH products can add significant value. To that end we see the mining and industrial sectors as areas where we can offer significant value to IoT security and support the continued digitisation of these industries.


Although the continued growth of Industry 4.0 has greatly benefited these markets there is still grave concerns about the inherent technological risk associated with the digitisation of many assets in the industrial and mining sectors.


The protection of systems and sensors remains critical, whilst business benefits are accrued through the real time sharing of information with both suppliers, partners and clientele. The Pfortner offering addresses these needs directly.


Our partnership will be made public shortly and we look forward to working closely with our partners and customers in making Industry 4.0 happen securely.


Watch this space for news on our JV …