Defense Force thinking on Information Security Risk






Pfortner was honored to be part of The Military Information and Communications Symposium of South Africa | 14 – 18 May 2018 (

Together with our partner ANSYS (, we presented innovative emerging technologies as well as a paper on A PKI BASED CRYPTOGRAPHIC TOKEN SOLUTION FOR UNIFIED SECURE COMMUNICATION.

The event overall was well planned, informative, attended by key decision makers and on a personal note, the food was absolutely brilliant.

It was however feedback from one of the Generals in attendance that remained with me after the event: He said “When something goes wrong in the commercial / civilian work people lose money. When something goes wrong in our space, people lose their lives…”

This startling reality gave me understanding into why protocol is so important and why despite what we (civilians) perceive as red tape is in fact the levels of assurance that protects the industry’s most valuable assets; its people.

Some post event thoughts include:

  • The SANDF is doing a great job with a shrinking budget and very unique organisational challenges
  • There is a clear direction for technology programs based on global standards and adherence to best practices
  • There are unique challenges that require innovative thinking being led by SANDF teams on the ground

We hope that our participation added some value and look forward to working more closely with the defence industry to see where we can assist with “effective defense for a democratic South Africa”.