Secure Redundant Connectivity


Pfortner SRC delivers STEALTH firewall with resilient VPN capability



World class VPN using TLS1.2 encryption

PCI compliance out the box

Simple no hands deployment

Automated network failover for redundant communications

Web GUI for fast  simple configuration

Integration into current PKI environments

Extended hardware lifespan (5 years+)

Lower TCO

SIMPLE intuitive GUI requiring non specialised technical support skills

SECURE AES265 encryption with a patented STEALTH network security”

AUTOMATION centrally manage and configure 1000s of devices using a graphical user interface

RELIABLE seamless failover between multiple network or service provider

Use Cases

With Tesla’s recent announcement of a semi-autonomous vehicle and Google’s strides in testing self-driving cars, we are beginning to see the first signs of a driverless future. But while autonomous vehicles are meant to make driving safer and less stressful, they also present a whole new range of security challenges—challenges that must be addressed long before these vehicles hit the road in large quantities.

Consider a futuristic scenario in which a transportation and logistics company has taken drivers out of the equation with self-driving trucks, thus saving millions on employment and insurance costs. What would happen if hackers breached the networks that connect and manage these trucks? They could deactivate key sensors and GPS features. They could drive trucks remotely to undisclosed locations, stealing both the vehicles and their contents. They could even threaten lives.

It may sound far off and far-fetched, but a scenario like this one is the precise reason enterprises must begin assessing the risks and evaluating solutions for their future Internet-connected and autonomous vehicles.

From a security standpoint, new in-vehicle connected technologies—including laser range finders, cameras, ultrasonic devices, wheel sensors, and inertial measurement systems—will all be access points for hackers. If even one of these potential points of compromise are not properly secured, then the entire operation will be compromised.

In addition to these access points, data and communications flowing between vehicles, mobile devices and the various components they connect to will need their own information governance policies to ensure safety. A protected, centralized location in the cloud would likely function as the best interoperability structure for these communications. The Pfortner Secure Resilient Connectivity (SRC) Solution is built on the foundation of complaining to the rigorous standards of the Banking industry, ensuring that our customers are compliant to industry best practices.

As for hackers, imagine the difficulty in attacking something that is invisible to the rest of the shared connectivity infrastructure.  With our patented STEALTH technology, autonomous cars will be undetectable.

It’s difficult enough to build a car that drives itself, let us worry about securing it for you. Using Pfortner’s SRC product you could leverage any public connectivity and turn it into a secure channel automatically.

As a bank you’re constantly obsessed with reducing costs, but not sacrificing the user experience or your brand reputation, whist still ensuring that your business is expanding by signing up new customers. You’re buying expensive ATM equipment and linking your brand to them.  What happens when you’re infiltrating an emerging market, where users might travel hours to access your services and then they’re not available? Users are going to associate their disappointment with your brand, and will move over to your competitors. With the expensive costs of connectivity in emerging markets and the lack of available infrastructure, this produces a significant problem. And you’re stuck having to report on the return on investment of these assets. The Pfortner Secure Resilient Connectivity solution was born in this environment. We wanted to help our banking customers leverage the maximum value of their assets, bring down connectivity costs by leveraging mobile infrastructure, while reaching new customers. Whether we’re connecting ATM’s, mobile branches or remote sites, we ensure that your systems are connected, secure, and adhere to your industry standards (PCI DSS, ISO, NIST).

Managing power plants, nuclear facilities etc. is a significant responsibility. What would be the consequences of an intruder gaining access to these facilities? You wouldn’t leave the gate open to your facility for anyone to walk in through the door would you? While these sites are extremely well protected with physical security measures, from a cyber perspective it’s not the case. We’ve seen a lot of blue chip companies giving backdoor access to their equipment that were supposed to protect these facilities, to allow nation-state attackers in. At Pfortner our systems are independently tested by the industries most respected hackers to ensure that our systems have no vulnerabilities that would leave your critical infrastructure open to attack.  Whilst most systems claiming to provide this level of security requires expert hands to operate them, we at Pfortner developed a solution that does everything you would expect from a network security expert to do automatically. This ensures that your systems are always connected, and invisible to whatever infrastructure you’re leveraging to connect them.

Manufacturers worldwide are embarking on a transformational shift towards connected products. The ability to model, manage and securely connect your products is approaching as a significant competitive opportunity — as consumers expect products to be tightly integrated into their digital life.

Imagine having a factory filled with robotic arms doing all your assembly, or a hospital with its various life enabling sensitive equipment connected to the public cloud. The Pfortner Secure Resilient Connectivity (SRC) platform enables these devices to be invisible to the rest of the cloud whilst ensuring their connected, secure and adhering to industry best practices. So whether you’re building the next market disrupting sensor or your working on saving lives, let us help you focus on your core business whilst we worry about securing and connecting your devices.

Why Pfortner?

Wholly owned technology perfected over the last 10 years

9 years FSI experience across multiple countries

Multiple Tier 1 banks as customers

Patented technology

99.9% fault-free across all Pfortner systems, with the 0.1% fault resolved within 24 hours

100% of Pfortner customers have renewed business for this year

Accumulated 150+ years Pfortner experience and have deployed Pfortner across 12 countries

90% of orders are shipped same day

100% of custom development was delivered on time and in budget

All OEM support calls resolved within 24 hours for the last 12 months

Pfortner holds the South African Patent on STEALTH communication

100% customer retention for the last 3 years, which includes 3 multinational banks

An average improvement of 19% ATM availability by banks that have implemented Pfortner solutions


Securing your environments


Firewall ( EAL4 )


AES 256 Encryption

4096 bit Diffe-Hellman Certificate



Web Interface (HTTPS)

Seamless Network Failover


Automated Availability Reporting

Operating System

SUSE received Common Criteria Certificates at Evaluation Assurance Level EAL4

SUSE has achieved FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) 140-2 validation