Cyberattack – Survivor Account

by | Jul 1, 2024

A Survivor’s Tale

TeamViewer recently rebuffed a Cyber Attack using Defence in Depth (DID) as shared HERE

DID can be defined as protecting your house with a fence, a locked door, a security alarm and a really big Boerboel.

The recent TeamViewer attack by hacker group APT29 aka Cozy Bear shows its importance.

More data on this hacker group can be found HERE


Network Segmentation

The isolation of network segments (network segmentation) stopped attackers from spreading across the network.

This containment significantly limited damage, proving that network segmentation is essential.

The Pfortner StealthWAN product provides this form of network segmentation HERE


For Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity DID involves various measures; Josh Fruhlinger does a good job explaining it HERE

The TeamViewer incident shows that a multi-layered defence is essential.

You can find the Dark Reading article HERE


Ps, more info on DID can be found inside “Cybercrime Self-Defence” authored by Craig Rosewarne.

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