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Pfortner (Pty) Ltd (“the Company”) is a private company registered in terms of the laws of South Africa. This, the Company’s Products StealthWAN (SteathWAN makes your systems invisible to the rest of the network allowing you to expand your business operations to the edge while protecting your information, offering suite of logical components.), SecuriCHAT (Securitize your instant messages, voice communications and file sharing through SecuriCHAT, our one-of-a-kind secure communications platform that allows you full system and data ownership with auditability of all system functions.), SecureEMAIL (Securitize your email by using SecureEMAIL our innovative automatic email encryption solution that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook on Windows computers.) and SecretCHAT (SecretCHAT is a person to person true end-to-end encrypted communications solution that secures communications between high ranking executive or senior government personnel.), serves to inform users of the privacy, data, warranty, and liability policies applicable to the use of the Company’s goods, services, and the Product. By using any of the aforementioned, you agree to the policies as set out herein and as per the terms and agreements which you may have concluded otherwise with the Company.


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