Instant Messaging and Voice Calls that are completely Private and Confidential. You own the data, control the system and you decide who has access to your SecuriCHAT platform. Our SecuriCHAT solution delivers Data-Sovereign Secure Communications under YOUR control.



Securitize your instant messages, voice communications and file sharing through SecuriCHAT. Our one-of-a-kind secure communications solution allows you full system and data ownership with auditability of all system functions. 

✓  Secure Instant Messaging

✓  Secure Voice Calls

✓  Secure File Sharing

✓  Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)

✓  Desktop Apps (Windows, Linux & Mac)

✓  Browser Based Communications

✓  Audit and Log of all Communications

✓  Secure Instant Messaging

✓  Secure Voice Calls

✓  Secure File Sharing

✓  Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)

✓  Desktop Apps (Windows, Linux & Mac)

✓  Browser Based Communications

✓  Audit and Log of all Communications

Solution Architecture

SecuriCHAT Messaging Server

Delivering encrypted messaging, file storage and file sharing, the messaging server offers customer interface capabilities through the SecuriCHAT Application Process Interface (API). 

SecuriCHAT Voice Server

The Voice Server delivers encrypted calls in one-to-one format or in conference call mode.

SecuriCHAT Web

User friendly web interface for secure messaging and file share.

SecuriCHAT Mobile

Available through the respective APP stores or MDM deployment solutions. Android & IOS.

SecuriCHAT Desktop

Available on Windows, Apple OS, Linux.


For secure real-time communications the SecuriCHAT platform offers public and private enterprises the capabilities of common social media messaging solutions that is securitized through local hosting and data sovereign capability to offer an unparalleled enterprise wide communications solution.


  • Confidential communications platform
  • Hosted in cloud or on site
  • Accessible via smartphone or browser
  • All messages are recorded and auditable
  • Ability to see who read messages and when
  • No data stored on phone
  • Full data sovereignty


Why SecuriCHAT

File Sharing

Share documents and multimedia between users.

Instant Messaging

Personal or group based instant messaging. Always stay up-to-date with app and email notifications.

Voice Calls

Make secure voice calls from your phone app or desktop app. Leave and rejoin current group calls.

Security & Privacy

SSL / TLS encryption to secure and protect confidential information flowing between employees, partners and clients.

Fully Searchable

All your conversations and media can be accessed quickly through the SecuriCHAT smart search facility.

Corporate Control

Manage employee accounts and groups through the SecuriCHAT website or through an Active Directory connection.


SecuriCHAT keeps your desktop, mobile and web synced so that you never miss anything no matter which device you use.

Secure guest access

Allow access for people outside your organisation. They will only ever see conversations they’re invited to.

Fully Customizable

Web and mobile apps can be customised with your own logos, URLS and messages.


SecuriCHAT servers are built with a hardened Linux OS deployable on cloud/organisation’s data centre.

Reporting and Auditing

Ensure your company complies with governance policies and regulatory requirements.

Easy to use Interfaces

Quickly send messages to contacts, manage contacts and groups and control conversations with friendly interfaces.


Customer Downloads

NOTICE: Please ensure that your SecuriCHAT server is installed and licensed prior to downloading the apps below.


Latest release

Download the latest version of SecuriCHAT.


SecuriCHAT on Mobile

Latest release

Download the latest version of the app to your Android or iOS device for your secure communications.

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