Ethical Artificial Intelligence

by | Jun 19, 2024

A Call for Accountability.

Edward Snowden recently criticized OpenAI (HERE), accusing them of betraying public trust.

He argues that OpenAI’s practices contradict their mission of benefiting humanity.

PS. Elon Musk made similar accusations HERE.


The Concern.

Snowden is concerned about their shift from openness to secrecy, raising transparency issues.

Also, OpenAI’s partnerships and data policies, have raised privacy concerns mentioned HERE


Some progress.

Although progress is being made on AI Governance (seen HERE), privacy risks remain as this treaty excludes national security AI systems and allows private sector opt-outs.

Now is a time for transformational leadership in AI, ensuring it benefits everyone, not just a select few.

A short but informative read on AI Ethical Stewardship in the Digital Age: A Guide for Business Leaders can be found HERE



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