Four Horsemen of the EMAIL apocalypse

by | Mar 5, 2024

Join us on a journey into the heart of darkness as we uncover the Four Horsemen of the Email Apocalypse. From the Bangladesh Bank heist to the Russian election interference, these incidents serve as chilling reminders of the perils that lurk in our inboxes:

1. Financial Loss: Remember the Bangladesh Bank heist of 2016? Hackers intercepted emails, snatching SWIFT codes and orchestrating a staggering $81 million theft.

2. Espionage: The 2016 US election meddling saga saw hackers intercepting DNC emails, fueling political chaos and sowing distrust in democratic processes.

3. Social Engineering Attacks: Ocala, Florida fell prey to a BEC scam in 2019. City officials’ intercepted emails led to fraudulent wire transfers, crippling financial losses.

4. Political Scandal: Leaked emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman stirred controversy, casting shadows over the 2016 US presidential race.


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