How nonverbal communication can determine your future

by | Apr 10, 2024

71 million people have watched a TED talk by Amy Cuddy; it is one of the most-watched talks ever.

She speaks on how body language can influence ourselves and others and how it can positively impact our life achievements.

Why would 71 Million watch this?

Many people struggle with confidence, and their body language expresses this.

Cuddy offers simple, actionable advice that people can easily implement. The concept of “power posing” is accessible and can be applied by anyone, anywhere, without needing special tools or resources.

Also, her personal anecdote is really empowering and should be taken to heart.

How important is my body language?

From as early as the 1970s this has been studied, with Professor Albert Mehrabian making an interesting observation (pun intended):

People derive:
7% of meaning in the words that are spoken.
38% of the meaning is paralinguistic (the way that the words are said).
55% of meaning is in facial expression.

What can I do (according to AI)?

For an unbiased opinion, we thought the best source would be Artificial Intelligence. According to Google’s Gemini:

Standing tall and straight helps.

Smiling is perceived as positive by most people.

Using positive gestures in your own personal space enhances communication.

By focusing on these tips and practising self-awareness, you can improve your body language and communicate more effectively with others.


The TED talk by Amy Cuddy can be found HERE

An article on Mehrabian’s Communication Theory is HERE

If you want to know more about the AI called Gemini, please see HERE


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