As the holiday season approaches, the spectre of ATM downtime looms over December. With exponentially growing cyber threats, increased transaction volumes, last-minute shopping sprees, and year-end financial activities, ATM networks take huge strain, leading to unexpected outages and downtime of mission-critical services.

This impact is not only financial but quickly becomes a public relations nightmare as customers lose their cool and start venting on every medium imaginable. If you are one of the unfortunate ones suffering from this phenomenon, maybe it is time to think StealthWAN.

StealthWAN from Pfortner is the high availability ATM connectivity solution that provides

  • 100% Network Obfuscation through its patented Stealth Capability
  • Seamless failover between multiple fixed line and mobile operators
  • Integration with bank PKI systems in compliance with PCI DSS 4.0

Using StealthWAN from Pfortner financial institutions can fortify their ATM infrastructure, ensuring robust capabilities to deal with potential cyber threats whilst adding network resilience to navigate the December surge. By embracing our resilient solution, your bank can take proactive measures towards safeguarding both consumer convenience and the reputation of banking services during this crucial time of heightened financial activity and festive cheer.

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